HOPE HOUSE FOUNDATION - “It is today that we create the world of the future.” ~~
Vision and Mission
Our mission is to assist vulnerable children who have been left without any source of income to continue with their education. A large proportion of these are those who have lost their parents to the pandemic disease AIDS. HOPE HOUSE FOUNDATION is dedicated to addressing the compelling needs of Orphans and transforming their livelihood. At the heart of making provisions to the orphans is our desire to bring lasting solutions that should cater for the children’s physical, educational, and spiritual needs in a way that should give them hope and a future. We therefore support any initiatives that promote the well being of vulnerable children, and we are also guided by standards set by the Convention on the right of the Child (CRC):
Non-discrimination (Article 2)
Best interests of the child (Article 3)
Parental responsibilities (Article 18)
Education (Article 28)
We fully endorse and work in line with the values and principles of the United Nations Millennium Declaration.  We recognise that, in addition to our separate responsibilities to our individual societies, we have a collective responsibility to uphold the principles of human dignity, equality and equity at the global level. As leaders we have a duty therefore to all the world’s people, especially the most vulnerable and, in particular, the children of the world, to whom the future belongs. 
Our Vision
To transform lives by caring for orphaned children and supporting the communities that surround them.It is our desire to assist orphans and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe to complete secondary school education and university, in order to provide for themselves and ultimately become leaders in their communities.
Presently, the main activities of the organisation is:
Payment of school fees
• Providing uniforms and school stationery
Family and community support
• Counselling
• Running a children's Home
• Promoting school programmes such as speech and prize giving occasions.
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